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Product Care

Caring for your Halsea Purchase

We hope you'll love your new Halsea travel bags, and all the compliments you'll be receiving. All materials used in the design of Halsea bags are carefully selected for their color, durability, and beauty. Do not machine wash bags, or use bleach. Always store your bags away from light and heat. Laminated canvas and coated lining is easily wiped clean with damp cloth. Water and/or gentle cleanser can be used on the laminated surface of the bag. For leather trim, wiping with a dry or slightly damp cloth is sufficient. For more thorough cleaning or stubborn spot removal on the leather trim, we recommend taking your bags to a professional handbag repair specialist. Surface spots on the cotton canvas tote and cotton webbing can be cleaned with a cloth dipped in water and a gentle cleanser. If spot is not easily removed, consult a dry cleaning specialist. Inside satin lining can be wiped with damp cloth. Do not attempt to submerge lining. 

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